Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man is back and this time there isn’t any emo jazz dance sequences, Uncle Ben is already brown bread and Sony aren’t at the helm being blithering idiots. Instead, Tom Holland leads the line as Peter Parker in what is an exceptionally well made Spider-Man film, perfectly reminiscent of the character from all the classic cartoons, videogames and comics, plus any other Spider-Man nostalgia you can think of, minus the Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield films of course.

As aforementioned, Uncle Ben is dead and this is thankfully not another rehashed origin story of Spider-Man which pretty much everyone knows by now. Instead this story focuses on Peter Parker’s desire to join The Avengers and be Iron Man’s BFF leading to him having to fight The Vulture, the plot in general is still very similar to the more well known origin plot, as Peter is still trying to balance his life as a high school nerd with his life as Spider-Man, whilst also still trying to learn everything that he can actually do as Spider-Man. However, this time round they have perfectly stylised the plot by adding a superb range of humour and wit to some very well made action sequences, finding the perfect balance of action and comedy and brightening the whole experience up, making it very reminiscent of your childhood Spider-Man memories and making you forget the previous down in the dumps, occasionally on the verge of self harm, Maguire & Garfield Spider-Man characters.

Along with the main plot of the film, there are also a lot of little sub plots going on, with the whole Tony Stark & Avengers relationship, Peter and his high school friends and a tiny little romantic sub-plot, but instead of being an utter mess, they have all been intricately put together and all intertwine with each other in one way or another that it all comes together to be a smooth flowing, easy going cohesively made film, you could say its a lot like a well made spiders web, ya get it? On top of all of this, just when you were left wondering where the film was going next, they added quite a clever plot twist which took the film in a very interesting direction and added a whole new character dynamic between two of the main players of the film.

There are a couple of downsides to the film however, in that the main few big action set pieces had all been shown in the trailers prior to the film, which really took away from what could have been some real gripping, edge of your seat stuff, because even though you hadn’t seen the whole sequence and didn’t know how it was ultimately going to end up, you had pretty much a general idea of what was coming, so instead of being pleasantly surprised to find there was a big epic brawl on an aircraft carrier for example, you were instead just sat waiting for it and wondering when and where it was going to pop up.

Along with this, the casting of Michael Keaton as The Vulture, no matter how much of a great actor he is, ended up to be too much of a safe bet really for me, as Michael Keaton gave a great performance, but in saying that, it was also a quite standard Keaton performance ending up with a main protagonist which was a pretty basic model of what Marvel villain has come to be nowadays, but I guess they probably felt they needed to make a safe choice with the Spider-Man villain in this film based on past villains such as Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Topher Grace’s Venom just to name a couple of misfires in that department. Keaton’s Vulture probably wasn’t helped by the whole fact that his main purpose revolved around them darn alien stone things we have come to see in every recent Marvel film, which I know had to be a part of the story as it was one of the main links between many aspects of the film and the franchise in general, but they have come to be very repetitive and worked to make The Vulture feel like a very bog standard Marvel villain.

Overall, besides these minor downfalls, which seem to just be general downfalls of the more recent Marvel films, this film really gave Spider-Man a step in the right direction to what the original Spider-Man material is all about, creating a new fresh take on the Spider-Man origin plot and piling on the great comedy and great action. The humour is on point and makes you feel nostalgia for all the classic Spider-Man goofs out there, as Tom Holland portrays a Spider-Man that has all the qualities you want from a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, along with a band of friends who are some major goofy characters, which works to cancel out the somewhat disappointing Villain in The Vulture, and all ultimately leads to a thoroughly entertaining film that avoids being a saturated mess and does a good job in making you excited for where Spider-Man is going to go next.


Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Whatever a Gubby Can.



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