Wonder Woman

It’s fair to say DC films have been a bit of a lacklustre affair as of late with the most recent outings, Batman Vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, cramming as much crap as they possibly can into their films, like trying to jam a whole log of meat into a tiny slider bun and calling it a burger, yeah there’s a lot of material there but not any cohesive or comprehensible substance there. But Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman has swooped in and saved DC’s bacon just in the nick of time with a highly entertaining and meaningful film with a powerful message within it.

Wonder Woman is an origin story so it has to obviously tell the tale of how Diana (Gal Gadot) came to become Wonder Woman, and this can be an aspect of superhero films which can be quite boring and take away from the entertainment factor of the films. However, Wonder Woman cleverly avoids this by sharing the backstory of the Amazonian world where Diana’s history lays in a very creative way, using exceptional visual effects to portray the story through Sistine Chapel like painting which have come alive, and this paired with the scenic setting of the paradise island in which the rest of the backstory make it a real feast for the eyes, making a story which could have easily been a real bore into a real enticing story.

As the story progresses and we are introduced to Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) we are also introduced to the great humour and wit which a constant throughout the film, in a way which is very reminiscent of Thor (2011) as you follow Diana discovering a world she has never before seen and having some hilariously awkward, very quotable dialogue with Steve Trevor and pretty much everyone else she meets. This nice layer of light-hearted humour is cleverly intertwined into a powerful story of war, loss, sacrifice and heroism. Meaning that the main story of the film is still able to get the message behind it across whilst not totally bringing the mood down and keeping your interests peaked.

The story itself, being a nice and simple self contained one is a nice relaxing breather from the barrage of substance DC tried chucking at the audience in two previous films. It’s a simple and standard plot of a small group of good guys trying to stop the bad guys with a romantic sub-plot and added comedy throughout bought to the next level by the brilliant acting, epic visuals and action sequences all on top of a brilliant soundtrack when all put together is an absolute delight. The story does seem to get to a point later on in the film where you’re left wondering where its going, but they soon clear that up with a very interesting plot twist leading to an intriguing conflict and an overall epic finale which bought the film to a close in brilliant fashion.

Overall, Wonder Woman was, no pun intended, an absolute wonder, it’s brilliantly made which is to be expected from a DC film, but with this film they chose story over substance and used this film and the story of Wonder Woman to convey a very deep and powerful message of hope. The story portrays how even though there is no one answer as to why war and conflict seems to be a constant part of mankind and no one person is able to stop it all in one fell swoop, people can choose to believe there is some way they are able to make a difference, as doing something is better than doing nothing and ultimately love is the constant saviour of mankind and is the only thing that can defeat hatred. This message is one which is very important in this day and age where mindless violence, self indulgent greed and power seem to be trying their hardest to overpower the good in the world, and even though Wonder Woman is just a fantasy film about superheroes and I could just be overanalysing the film and coming to my own conclusions, I feel it contains an important message of hope which is sadly very relevant to the world today, so hopefully this story will convey to audiences and spark ideas.


A thoroughly entertaining, deeply interesting and gubby film.


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