TBT Review: Blue Streak

Martin Lawrence has had a decent career in the comedy world with hits such as Bad Boys, Big Momma’s House & Life making him a well known character. But, forget about all those other relatively good films,  its all about Blue Streak, an absolute goof of an action comedy film coated in a delicious layer of classic 90’s cheese.

Martin Lawrence stars as Miles Logan, A former jewel thief who, after spending two years in prison, must pose as a cop to retrieve a diamond he stole but unintentionally hid in the LAPD Building. The plot is as simple as that, making this a very easy-going film because that is literally the only story within the film, no other major subplots are going on and in fact the film properly shuts down the possibility of a romantic subplot as soon as possible in a hilarious manner with Miles Logan himself getting properly shutdown by his ex girlfriend, with a little cameo from a younger, slightly larger Octavia Spencer.

As the film progresses and Miles Logan is able to infiltrate the LAPD building as a cop, we are introduced to the other main characters of the film, Luke Wilson as Carlson a new LAPD detective who’s a dweeb & Dave Chappelle as Tulley, Miles’ old heist crew driver who is trying, and struggling, to make sense of everything that’s going on. The film is really at its most entertaining when either Luke Wilson or Dave Chappelle are on screen as they do a great job in playing the likeable idiots in two totally different ways, making for some hilarious scenes with comedy that is a bit more subtle than the constant, over the top comedy of Martin Lawrence, so it also makes for a nice, sometimes well needed, break from that.

This review is going to be short because there’s not a lot more to this film than what I have already said, I could get really critical about plot holes in the story, props suddenly disappearing from scenes or some of the sound editing, but that’s pointless, no one cares about that stuff in films like this, and if you do, cheer up, you are taking life way to seriously. This film is perfect easy-watching if you just want a film which requires little to no thinking or concentration, as its got a plot which really plays second fiddle to the comedy that is constant throughout this film, but as a whole is brilliant.


A Gubby Classic.


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