Assassins Creed

I feel the film adaptation of Assassins Creed was always somewhat destined to fail, as it is cursed with having to tell a story which has been overly saturated by Ubisoft with the amount of games they have churned out year on year, telling the same story over and over just in front of a different backdrop. As someone who has dabbled in the Assassins Creed games and wasted part of my youth on it, watching the first hour of this film really did remind me of them days, bringing me back to what seemed like hours sat watching boring video game cut scenes of empty characters speak absolute jargon whilst I waited, hoped and begged for any kind of excitement.

After this rough hour, some excitement does finally kick off as Michael Fassbender is able to show some range of emotions and diversity in his character, and overall he does a good job for the story he had to work with. However, the other featured roles, portrayed by Marion Cotillard & Jeremy Irons are some of the blandest, plainest performances I’ve ever seen, which must be due to character design as they are both incredible actors. There are also some other characters in it who seem to slightly have something to do with the plot so you see them for a bit and they do some stuff, but I couldn’t really tell you a lot more, because it didn’t really seem to be all that crucial to the story, or in fact interesting at all.

Away from the character flaws and mundane story of the film, the action sequences and visual effects really are brilliant and are what made this film bearable. They really paid tribute the design of the original games, which were quite ground breaking at the time of their release, with its slick, fast paced sequences. At one point though, it did seem that the main antagonist rode a horse onto a roof which I found quite hard to comprehend, but hey, I don’t ride horses so I don’t know if that is, in fact, a thing.

After all the ups and downs of fast paced, brilliantly choreographed action sequences paired with plain, emotionless characters and conversations. The final act was hugely underwhelming, in the sense that something quite big actually happened but no one involved with it actually seemed to give a damn, which leads to me think why should I then? The biggest surprise for me was how they left the ending in such a way as they were teasing a follow up film, but I guess if Ubisoft have their way they’ll make like 6 or 7 more films, a couple of TV show spin-offs and a Live Broadway Production, which I might see out of interest but probably won’t enjoy.


Nowhere near as Gubby as it should have been.



5 thoughts on “Assassins Creed

  1. Hey! Yeah the whole film in general was really underwhelming and the ending just really topped it all off.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the review and I really appreciate the kind words, huge fan of your blog!


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